Dobos Torte
Dobos Torte
Apple Cake
Apple Cake
Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
Vegan Macaroons
Vegan Macaroons
Mini Cakes
Mini Cakes

Vegan, Sugar Free & Gluten Free Options Available

We cannot provide a completely gluten free environment so please do not order if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease.

CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, OR LEMON cake filled with your choice of:

  • ​Chocolate milk Italian meringue buttercream​
  • Vanilla Italian meringue buttercream
  • Dulce de Leche filling
  • Hazelnut Swiss meringue buttercream
  • Nutella filling
  • Lemon Cream filling
  • French Vanilla buttercream


Lemon Raspberry​: Vanilla sponge brushed in Limoncello liqueur with 2 layers of lemon curd cream and 1 layer of raspberries and whipped cream.


Strawberry Shortcake:​ Vanilla sponge with 2 layers of custard cream and one layer of strawberries and whipped cream.


French Vanilla cake:Vanilla sponge layers with a rich French Vanilla Bean buttercream filling.


Mocha Kahlua cake:​ Chocolate sponge layers brushed with rum filled with mocha Italian meringue buttercream infused with Kahlua.


German chocolate cake:Chocolate cake layers with coconut-pecan filling.


Strawberry Delight cake:​ Vanilla sponge layers with strawberries and whipped cream filling.


Chocolate Raspberry:​ Chocolate sponge layers with raspberries and whipped cream filling.


Vanilla Raspberry:​ Vanilla sponge layers with raspberries and whipped cream filling.


Peaches and Cream:​ Vanilla sponge layers with peaches and whipped cream filling.


Lemon poppy seed:​ Lemon-poppy seed sponge with lemon curd cream filling.


Black Forest cake:​ Chocolate sponge layers brushed with cherry liqueur filled with cherries and whipped cream.


Vanilla Caramel Walnut:​ Vanilla sponge layers with dulce de leche and walnut filling.


Tiramisu:​ Vanilla sponge layers soaked in coffee and rum with mascarpone cheese cream filling.


Carrot Cake:​ Carrot cake with cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream.


Ferreo Rocher:​ Hazelnut sponge layers brushed with hazelnut liqueur filled with nutella and hazelnut crunch.


Oreo Cake:​ Chocolate sponge layers with cookies and cream buttercream filling.


Nanaimo Bar Cake: ​Chocolate sponge layers with chocolate coconut crumble and vanilla custard filling.


Vegan Cake: Your choice of Chocolate, Vanilla, or Lemon cake, filled with fruits & vegan buttercream.


Vegan macaroons: 

**** Gluten free cakes (in any flavour) are made with almond flour *****
 Vegan Gluten Free Cake & Sugar Free Cakes are available.
Coffee and Dessert cakes


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*Off-Menu cakes & special orders available unpon request!

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