Chocolate Chiffon or Genoise Sponge Cake Filling Options: Dulce De Leche - Nutella - Strawberries & Cream - Raspberry & Cream - Mocha (Kahlua inside)
Vanilla Chiffon or Genoise Cake Filling Options: Preaches & Cream - Lemon Raspberry - Strawberries & Cream - French Vanilla - Vanilla & Chocolate Milk Mousse

We specialize in creating architectural pieces that will wow your clients and customers!

Each piece of gingerbread is hand-crafted to create this spectacular showpiece.

Festive Yule Logs

Small Yule Log (shown in photo) Serves 10 people.

Prices starting from $35 and go up depending on size.

For Corporate Gift prices please Contact Us.

Alfajores Cookies

Classic Flavours:

$2.00 each

  • filled with dulce de leche & rolled in coconut
  • filled with dulce de leche & rolled in colourful sprinkles


Premium Flavours:

$2.50 each

  • filled with dulce de leche & rolled in crushed walnuts
  • filled with Nutella & rolled in crushed hazelnut
  • filled with dark chocolate ganache infused with amaretto liquer & rolled in crushed almonds


Gingerbread Cookie Boxes

Boxes can be personalized with photos & come in sizes SMALL or LARGE

Prices Starting at $150



Corporate Gifts

Holiday Cookies

& Gift Boxes

Gingerbread Houses & Centerpieces

Gingerbread giftboxes can be personalized! Examples of image representations can be your favourite Christmas Card, a Family Photo, a Newborn Baby, or something beautiful you've made this year! These boxes can be filled with Alfajores or you can use them for your own home-made holiday treats. Sizes are: Small for individual gifts or Large for a table centerpiece.


Gingerbread Houses starting at $150

Gingerbread Lanterns starting at $250


Gingerbread Boxes

Blue Gingerbread: Starting at $200 with Royal Icing desgin & photo.

Classic Brown Gingerbread : Starting at $150 with Royal Icing design.

Addition cost for larger sizes. 

*Each gingerbread box is handcrafted and decorated with intricate designs that take a minimum of 5hrs to create.


Gingerbread Cookies

Various holiday shapes available, decorated with Royal Icing

Starting at $1.50 for Small, $2.50 for Large.


Hand-Painted Gingerbread Cookies

$20 per cookie

*These cookies are meant to be given as individual artistic gifts and take 1hr to create.

These exquisite cookies will be the talk of the table at your next dinner party!

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We are proud to present you with gingerbread as you've never seen it before! Warm your home with these beautifully ornate artistic interpretations of architecture, built by the Gingerneers. Award-winning artist Beatriz Muller brings these creations to life with her masterful talent, each one is one-of-a-kind and uniquely charming in every way!

Give a gift your family will remember for years to come, and treat yourself to these fantastic centerpieces.

And when the holidays come to an end, remember these gingerbread wonders are not only beautiful, but also delicious!

Visit the Gingerneers Gingerbread Gallery

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